Run your facilities on autopilot.

Logfront is an IoT powered facility management platform that provides you with the tools and intelligence you need to improve service delivery and reduce costs across your facilities.

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Facility managers see a high level view of the issues in a facility and deploy manpower to where it's needed.


Asset managers use our sensors to understand traffic and to better plan tenant allocation and resources.


Service companies reduce manpower cost by using sensor data to replace regular work schedules.


Multi-sensor Integration

Connect smart buttons, people counter, temperature, humidity sensor etc to the platform.

Threshold Detection

Sensors can send an alert once threshold set is being met or when anomaly is detected.

Alerts & Resolution

Receive and acknowledge issues via text, email or mobile app.

Track Key Metrics

Quickly gain an overview of operations with data visualization.

Operational Analytics

Optimise manpower and resource allocation based on usage and fault patterns.

Performance Reports

Export reports that indicate SLA compliance and compare with industry benchmarks.